Cameleoh! is specialized in the design of water features where technological and artistic innovation are used to
create original designs.

Are you thinking about creating a themed play area? We have the made-to-measure modules and products for your aquatic installations. Our designers draw their inspiration from nature and art to reinvent water features, and our creations are always adapted to your needs. Our water features are designed to stimulate your every sense, from their arrangement in the play area, to the theme, to the creation of new perspectives. Without forgetting, of course, that they’re also a source of endless fun!



We’ve developed equipment that prevents the unnecessary waste of clean water and allows for said water to be efficiently reused or recycled. That’s why our systems are the greenest and most economical on the market – an added bonus for you, saving you money in both the running of your water feature and its maintenance! 

Compare how much water our products consume with those of our competitors on our website. 

Cameleoh!, fun adapted to environmental issues and water features that stand out!